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Go English は 特別企画イベントが盛りだくさん


       ゴー イングリッシュ スペース


   Go English Space

    An English Conversation Salon

毎月 第4土曜日 17:30pm~19:30pm 

It's held once a month usually on the 4th Saturday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 



People join one of the conversation groups suitable to their level of English ability. At least one native English Speaker is with each group. A different theme is chosen in advance so attendees can prepare for each month. Anyone can attend by applying monthly at the email address. Refreshments are provided.

Photos and attendees comments are on our facebook page.

Kids' English Summer Camp



   KIds' Summer Camp 

    For Elementary School Student's


第7 回 2019 English Summer Campは8月1日(木)~8月3日(土)の2泊3日となります。

2021年には、小規模なサマーデイキャンプがありました。 写真はFacebookにあります。このウェブサイトの写真セクションにもいくつかの写真があります。

In 2021, we had a smaller Summer Day Camp. Photos are on Facebook. There are also some photos in the photo section of this website. 


Elementary school students may participate in Summer Camp which is held for 3 days during summer vacation at a public youth center.  Children experience 3 days of English from morning to night surrounded by native English speakers. They participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities geared to their age and English ability. It's an action packed fun time using English. We are the founders of Eigo Yugo Mura (An Association of Japanese and Foreign English Teachers) who host the camp. Many photos are posted on the Eigo Yujo Mura facebook page. This year 2019, our 7th English Camp was held from August 1st, Thursday, to the 3rd, Saturday.

Special Events




        For Children and Adults

特別企画イベントを開催しています。クリスマス、ハロウィーン、持ち寄りパーティー、遠足、ゲームナイト、フォニックスセミナー, 小グループの週末ホームステイなどです。(ホームステイの要望に対して調整が可能です) 生徒の皆さまにはスケジュールを調整をして頂けますよう、詳細につきましては 遅くとも一か月前にはお知らせ致します。イベントに関する情報は以下に掲載されます。

写真はGo English Photoページに掲載されています。 見てみましょう!

A few times a year we host special events such as Christmas parties, Halloween parties, pot luck parties, excursions, game nights, phonics seminars, small group weekend home stays, (which can be arranged upon request) etc. The event time and details are announced to our students with at least a month or more notice so people can arrange their schedule. Information on any up coming events is posted below.

Photos are posted on our Go English Photo page. Take a look!

Phonics Seminar for 

English Teachers  3/15, 2020 

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